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How do I use hosting Package Labels?

Package labels can help organise your hosting packages. You can add any kind of label - it's just a text string that you decide. For example, if you wanted to categorise packages that are in development, you might apply a 'Development' tag to them.

Then, on the Manage Hosting page, you can filter by label to find them easily.

To add a hosting Package Label:

  • Login to your My20i control panel.
  • Head to Manage Hosting -> [select package].
  • Down the right hand side, you’ll find the Package Labels section.
  • To add a Label, type in the Label field (e.g. Testing) and select Add.

Now when you head back to the Manage Hosting page, you’ll see the drop-down menu allowing you to filter packages by Label (you may need to refresh the page if you've used the 'back' button).

Also, by clicking on a Label you can select all packages with that Label applied. 

Package Labels

Here are some examples of Labels you may use:

  • Testing
  • New Website
  • In Development
  • Ready for Launch
  • Awaiting Client Approval
  • Subject to Change
  • On Hold
  • High Priority
  • Low Priority
  • Rework
  • Personal
  • Requires Review