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Hosting shortcuts: favourite and recent hosting packages

In this guide we’ll learn how about the recent packages list and how to ‘favourite’ packages. By using these features, you can save navigating to hosting package’s Service Overview page. Shortcuts from the My20i homepage are created. 

You’ll find both lists on the My20i home page on the right-hand side. Once you have managed a few packages from the Manage Hosting page or favourited any, you’ll be able to see something like this: 

recent favourite hosting packages

Clicking on any of the domains will take you to the Service Overview page for that package.  

To ‘favourite’ any packages, you’ll first need to manage the hosting package from the Manage Hosting page. Once on the Service Overview page you’ll see a star icon the top above the search bar: 

favourite hosting package choice

Once you click the star icon it will turn blue. When you go back to the My20i homepage you’ll see it under the Favourite Packages list.  

Utilising these features makes managing packages quicker and easier since you can do it in just one click. This will save time when you manage multiple hosting packages as a reseller or an agency.