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What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is where businesses sell website space to other businesses or individuals. The website reseller will buy a large amount of server storage space and bandwidth from a provider with data centres, like ourselves. This will be at a reduced 'wholesale' rate, so that they're able to make a profit. They will sell this on as a package, including email.

With reseller hosting you become a hosting provider

Effectively, the reseller becomes the hosting provider to the third party. Your customers buy their hosting from you and you are their first point of call.

White-label reseller hosting

The resellers create the hosting packages and set the prices. They use white-label reseller hosting to sell web hosting under their own brand. Companies like 20i offer their Resellers the option of re-branding control panels, URLs, logos and more.

Control panel for your customers

Resellers will often become responsible for much of the administration of the business or individual's website. However, they may provide their customers with a control panel to make changes themselves. For example, our control panel for customers of 20i Resellers is called StackCP. This is its default name; it can be rebranded by the Reseller.

Who can start a UK reseller hosting business?

20i provide Reseller Hosting packages to all sizes of businesses, from one-person web designer startups to web design agencies and large successful hosting providers. Our directors were responsible for the first reseller hosting accounts available in the UK. 20i's reseller accounts include many additional features, such as web hosting business automation software.

Reseller hosting




What is included in 20i reseller hosting packages?
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited storage
  • unlimited websites and domains
  • unlimited free wildcard SSL certificates (https) 
  • unlimited email mailboxes
  • premium brand-name server hardware
  • two platforms: WordPress and Linux
  • HostShop - an all-in-one reseller hosting business management suite
  • a free CDN
  • 100% SSD storage
  • 1Tbps+ DDoS protection
  • WordPress-optimised packages
  • WordPress staging
  • WordPress Tools
  • easy automated website migration from other hosting companies
  • an efficient platform running on 100% renewable power
  • autoscaling resources, so a website stays fast and online when there is a surge in traffic
  • discounts on other products, like virtual private servers (VPS) and domain names
  • white label hosting, so that resellers can use their own brand
  • a suite of security features at no extra charge
  • customer communication tools, like targeted email campaigns and control panel messaging

By doing this, 20i have been able to help many companies achieve business success and continued growth.