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Which Reseller Hosting package type is right for me and my customers?

Resellers with 20i have a variety of different platforms available to them when creating websites. The type of platform you should choose depends on the software you plan to use to power the website. Each type comes with its own perks and is suitable for different types of sites.


Our Linux platform supports a wide variety of website setups – they support PHP versions 5.3 to 8.1, as well as Perl, Ruby and Python sites. They’re highly flexible, capable of supporting sites built in a variety of different CMS setups including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, and come with our full suite of one-click installs available on the Web Hosting platform. You can also host multiple different sites with individual folders on a singular Linux package.

If you’re unsure of what package type you need, Linux is the most straightforward and safe choice as it meets a majority of customer’s needs.


Our WordPress platform is optimised just for WordPress. It comes with extra tools and functionality to aid with the building and management of WordPress sites. This includes the ability to manage your users, themes and plugins directly via the 20i control panel, as well as our WordPress Staging tool, which can be used to make a copy of your site for development. This clone can then be edited separately, and then copied back over your main site when you’re ready to go live.

However, as a result of these optimisations and tools, we don't allow any other caching software to run on this platform and have developed our own custom plugin - StackCache - that controls our edge caching to truly 'turbo charge' your website. The very nature of this platform means that there are a few restrictions compared to our standard hosting platforms: as this platform is built on PHP 7 OPcache, all plugins and scripts must be compatible with this version of PHP.

Managed VPS

Managed VPS packages are available for Resellers who have bought a Managed VPS, allowing you to set up your site directly on the VPS and gain access to the dedicated resources available there. Managed VPS setups can be optimised for WordPress or Magento, and come with additional one-click installs. An Application Manager tool allows you to set up additional applications built in .NET Core, Ruby on Rails and Django that our regular shared hosting doesn’t support.

As standard, our Managed VPS packages also come with the same one-click installs as our Linux hosting, as well as the same selection of PHP versions. As a result, this package type is highly flexible - great if you’re looking for an extra kick to your site’s performance.

Web Builder

Web Builder packages come with our free Website Builder built-in and ready to go. Designed to be simple and straight forward, there’s no need for coding or to upload files. All the tools required to set up your site are just a few clicks away. This type of package is specifically built for our Website Builder, and as a result cannot host any other type of site.

Moving between platforms

If you're a 20i Hosting Reseller you can move packages between our platforms easily. So for example, if you've set up a WordPress site on Linux and now wish to migrate to the WordPress platform, head to Platform Transfer in My20i to get started.