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How do I create a WordPress hosting package that includes a set theme and plugins?

When creating multiple WordPress sites, you may want to use a similar structure and appearance. Recreating the same structure over and over with just a few changes can be exhausting – instead, what you may want to do is set up a template, and then use that as a basis for your sites. This template could include a specific theme and some key plugins to get you started off without having to repeat the same work. But how to you go about making and using a template with 20i’s hosting? 

The answer comes in the form of 20i’s Clone Package tool. This tool allows you to create direct copies of another package and install it on a fresh one with a new domain. 

1. Setting up a template package 

First of all, you’ll want to set up your template package. The package can be on either our Linux or our WordPress hosting. However, we would recommend making the template the same package type as the packages you intend to clone them to. 

  • Log into My20i and select Manage Hosting 
  • Head to Add Hosting Package 
  • Either select a domain from the drop-down menu or type your domain to create a domain reference 
  • Select the Package Type you’d like to create 
  • Select Create Hosting Package 

Once this package has been created, open it up and install WordPress, as well as any plugins and themes you intend to use. Configure them to how you want them to be, and your template will be ready to use. 

2. Making use of the clone tool 

Now that you have your template set up, you can use it to create your first site.  

  • Log into My20i and select Manage Hosting 
  • Head to Add a Hosting Package and select Clone From Existing Package in the top right 

Create and clone a WordPress hosting package with plugins and template

  • Select the template hosting package you created previously from the dropdown box that appears 
  • Once selected, create your hosting package as you normally would. Select or type the domain name, choose the Platform Type and assign any StackCP Users if required. 
  • Select Create Hosting Package to complete setting up the new package 

Once the cloning process completes, the site will be set up with all of the themes, plugins and content you put in place on the template,  but will have the new domain attached to it. You can do this as many times as you need and can even set up templates for non-WordPress sites such as Magento or Joomla.