How to create a hosting package on Managed Cloud Hosting

Jordan Graves
Published: 11 February 2024Last updated: 11 February 2024

Hosting packages are where all site files, databases and emails are housed for a particular website.

To add a new hosting package on your Managed Cloud Server, head to your home-page and find the server you wish to add the hosting package to and select Options >> Add Package.


Once selected, you'll be prompted to select the server where the package will reside on, as well as the domain name for the package. The domain name doesn't have to be a domain in your account, it can be a domain reference.

When the hosting package has been created, you will then be able to manage the hosting package.

To manage the hosting package locate the Managed Cloud Server and then Options >> Manage and you will see the server overview.


Select the hosting package you just created and then click Manage.


Everything manageable with your hosting package can be found here.