Getting Started with Website Turbo

Austin B.
Published: 13 May 2024Last updated: 13 May 2024

What is Website Turbo?

Website Turbo is a cutting-edge upgrade designed to significantly enhance the speed and performance of websites you host. Built with resellers in mind, this feature offers a high-markup, high-volume add-on, enabling you to maximize revenue and capitalize on the existing websites you host.

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How does Website Turbo improve website performance?

Website Turbo boosts website performance in two primary ways:

20iCDN Pre-Caching: Once activated, Website Turbo begins pre-caching at all global CDN node locations available through 20iCDN. This ensures a cache-hit without the need for manual cache generation via real-world traffic, leading to super-fast page loading times at any moment.

High Frequency Compute: Websites with Website Turbo are automatically upgraded to utilize high-performance CPUs (4.2 GHz processors) to provide faster load times instantly.

What else comes with Website Turbo?

Expanded 5GB MySQL Storage: MySQL storage is instantly expanded to 5GB, providing ample room for growth for even the largest sites.

StackCP Pre-Cache Report: Optionally, you can offer your customers an exclusive Pre-Cache Report that lists all URLs on their website and indicates whether they are eligible for pre-caching, along with additional information

How do credits and volume discounts work?

Website Turbo utilizes a flexible credit system:

  1. Order Website Turbo Credits: Select the amount of credits you need. Unassigned credits will not be billed upon renewal.
  2. Assign Credits to Websites: You can assign and unassign credits to any website requiring enhanced performance at any time.
  3. Experience Lightning-fast Speeds: The combination of StackCDN Pre-Caching and High Frequency Compute dramatically improves website performance.
Manage Hosting
Once you've ordered Website Turbo Credits you can assign them to websites from Manage Hosting.


What volume discounts are available?

The more Website Turbo Credits you buy and sell, the more you save. Unlock volume discounts of up to 30% on monthly renewals. For more details on different tiers, please visit the Website Turbo page within My20i.

How does billing work?

All Website Turbo renewals occur on the 1st of each month to simplify your invoicing process. You will be billed monthly for all active Website Turbo credits.

  • Pro-Rata Billing: If you add Website Turbo Credits at checkout in My20i, the price is pro-rated based on the time from purchase to the 1st of the following month. Orders placed in the final 7 days of a month will receive those days free of charge to avoid small, incremental billing.