How do I build a site before changing the nameservers to 20i’s?

Austin Beresford
Published: 7 February 2018

You may want to create a package where you can develop a site before linking it to a live site.

At 20i, you can create a hosting package using a domain reference. This means that the hosting package won’t be connecting to a live domain name via DNS, so to view the files you’ve uploaded to the site you can use the temporary URL. It will display the site as if it were live, except it will be on our temporary URL servers and the URL is something like

To set this up:

  • Login to your My20i account.
  • Select Add Hosting Package
  • You’ll see you can either Select Domain Name or Type Domain Name.
  • To add a domain reference you’ll want to choose Type Domain Name. This can be anything you want and doesn’t have to be a registered domain. It will simply be the name of the hosting package. For example, you could call it ‘’.
  • You'll be able build the site as normal and use the temporary URL to check how the site looks. Here's a guide to temporary URLs.
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The process for linking the finished site with a live domain depends on where you have the domain name registered.

If the domain is registered with 20i:

  • Go to Manage Hosting and select Manage on the package you want to add the domain name to.
  • Select the Domains icon. This is where you will associate a domain name with the hosting package. You can type in the domain name you want to add the hosting package and select Add Domain. You will then want to select to Make primary. This will sync the live domain name with the hosting package.

If the domain is registered elsewhere:

  • You will need to change the nameservers to 20i’s. You can do this where the domain name is currently registered. Our nameservers are here.
  • Alternatively, you can point an A record from the domain name to the IP address of the package. You’ll find this IP down the right-hand side of the package.