Getting Started with 20i Reseller Hosting

Austin Beresford
Published: 10 May 2021Last updated: 7 November 2023

We're sincerely grateful you've decided to use 20i as your Reseller Hosting provider. We're the #1 Rated Web Hosting Provider on Trustpilot and power the largest web design agencies, resellers, and web entrepreneurs. 

We give you an innovative platform that focuses on customer success and providing the best infrastructure to truly propel businesses to the next level.

Firstly, the 20i platform is built on your feedback. If you find something that you think just isn't right, or that we could improve, please let us know via our dedicated Feedback Form. All feedback is listened-to and taken on board.

This guide is written to get your site and your customers' sites up and running on the 20i platform. 


Once you've signed up to the 20i Reseller Hosting Account, or even if you've created a free account you'll be using your control panel that we call My20i. 

This is the heart of your Reseller Account. It's where you'll do everything from managing your websites, emails and customers, to configuring your brand, sending welcome emails and adding new products. There are some important and common areas of My20i that you'll use.

You can log in to your 20i Control Panel here: 

Quick Links

  • Manage Hosting - This is where you'll manage your hosting packages and websites (sometimes referred to as accounts)
  • Manage Domains - If you need to manage a domain name including contact information, nameservers or renewal preference this is where you'll come
  • Hosting Package Types - You'll need to set up what hosting packages you'd like to sell, including offering Managed WordPress Hosting, Standard Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting or even VPS Hosting
  • Start a New Migration - If you're migrating websites and emails from elsewhere you'll find the tools you need here, including specific tools that make migrating from almost any host easy
  • Reseller Preferences - To set up your Reseller Account you'll need to add your branding and configure your Reseller URLs

Managing Your Reseller Account with My20i


My20i is your equivalent to WHM: it's what allows you to run your business. 

The reason we built a bespoke control panel is that cPanel doesn't allow for load-balancing and autoscaling. With 20i your site isn't on one single server as such: it uses the whole platform's resources as needed and scales automatically so you're not affected by high traffic or what other people are doing. 

Because we’ve developed StackCP, we’re also able to develop features based on customer requests, a luxury that’s simply not possible with cPanel. WordPress Staging, the Free CDN, Malware Scanner, HostShop and the bespoke File Manager have all been developed based on customer feedback and demand, along with a wide range of other features.


StackCP is your equivalent to cPanel. It's what you can give to your end customers to manage their hosting, emails and account. You can find various support articles about StackCP here.

Billing Interfaces


HostShop is an all-in-one automated platform to manage clients, commerce, billing, payments, service provision, communication and support. It includes an online shop that you can integrate with your website, or you can use one of our ready-made hosting website templates.

You can enable it by going to Users Enable HostShop from within your My20i account. 

Setting Up HostShop

If you want to use HostShop to provision hosting there's no need to buy a licence. It comes included with your 20i Reseller Account Follow our HostShop Setup Guide to get up and running!


Setting up WHMCS with your 20i Reseller Hosting account allows you to automate the provisioning of your 20i services to your own clients. Clients will be able to buy products from your site without the need for you to set them up manually from within your 20i Reseller Account. We offer a full module to connect WHMCS with 20i's products and services. 

Ordering WHMCS

To set up WHMCS with 20i you'll first need to buy a licence. If you have an existing licence you can purchase 20i's discounted WHMCS licence and switch this over using the guide here: How do I change the license key WHMCS uses?

Once you've bought the WHMCS licence you'll need to install it to your webspace.

Setting up WHMCS

Once you've installed WHMCS using our one-click install you'll need to set it up to work with 20i's services. Simply follow the instructions in our Integrating WHMCS with your 20i Reseller Account guide. 


With your 20i Reseller Account, you can create unlimited 10Gb mailboxes with the ability to upgrade mailboxes by further 10Gb increments if required. We cluster our mail servers onto separate servers for efficiency and redundancy.

Your emails are secured under advanced antivirus and anti-spam protection at the network level using anti-spam blacklists from Spamhaus, Invaluement and Barracuda Networks, in addition, all emails are virus scanned for malware signatures and for spam-like characteristics. 

You can easily create mailboxes within My20i: please see our guide How do I create an email account for my domain for step-by-step instructions. 

Setting up mailboxes in mail clients like Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird is easy, for Outlook please find our guide here, How do I set up my 20i mailbox in Outlook?

Domains and DNS


Becoming a domain reseller is easy with 20i. With your Reseller Account, you'll get access to exclusive discounts on many TLDs for both new registrations and renewals. We have helpful Domain Names Support Articles that cover a variety of questions you might have. 

Transferring Domains

You may wish to take advantage of the low renewal prices at 20i by transferring in your existing domains. This also means all management of your websites can be done under your 20i Reseller Account. 

On many popular TLDs such as .COM, .NET and .ORG you'll also get a free year added to the renewal date when you transfer to 20i. For information about how to transfer your domain names, please see How do I transfer my domain to you?

Setting Nameservers

If you want to keep your domain names where they are, you can update the domain's nameservers to point to your 20i Reseller Account. You'd make this change at your current domain name registrar. 

You can find our default nameservers in the following guide What are 20i's nameservers?

Virtual Nameservers

Unlike traditional custom nameservers, our virtual nameservers are hosted with Google's Cloud DNS infrastructure which is scalable and reliable. DNS infrastructure is the backbone of a high-performance web hosting company, so we wanted to be able to allow our Resellers to offer the same using virtual nameservers. 

The benefit of virtual nameservers means you can brand and have your very own Google Cloud DNS nameservers and market it as such to your own customers, giving you a unique advantage over traditional custom nameservers. 

DNS Propagation

After making an update to your nameservers the change usually takes 6-8 hours to update but can take up to 24 hours. Changes you make to your DNS settings in your 20i Reseller Account will usually take 1-hour to take effect, but often will be much quicker. 

If you want to test your sites work at 20i before pointing the nameservers here you can use the temporary URL. More information about that can be found here Temporary URLs: what are they and what are they used for?


At 20i we support both the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) so you're not limited to one or the other. Our article How do I connect via FTP? explains how to connect to a package via FTP, just use port 22 instead of 21 to connect via SFTP.


Secure Shell (SSH) allow you full command-line access to your websites hosted under your 20i Reseller Account. SSH is a powerful tool to help you manage your websites and do operations that may take longer using another method. It also lets you access the WordPress Command Line Interface (WP CLI) which can help you manage your WordPress sites with 20i. See our guide for help connecting via SSH: How do I connect via SSH?

Securing Sites

Your 20i Reseller Account is protected by our sophisticated and powerful firewall. This is fully managed for you but you can block IPs and countries through My20i. You can read more about our security here Secure Web Hosting.

Free SSL Certificates

With your 20i Reseller Account, you get unlimited free SSL certificates provided. Activating the free SSL for all your websites ensures you can use the more secure HTTPS protocol, ensuring the connection between the server and end client is encrypted. We provide wildcard SSLs which also secure all subdomains you have too. Read our guide How do I activate my free SSL? to see how you can easily apply the free SSLs to all your websites. 

Setting Up Your Reseller Brand

Your Reseller Account is completely white-labelled. This means your customers never see any instance of the 20i brand ensuring they get an experience branded to your business. We'd recommend you start by setting your Reseller brand domain which is outlined in the following guide How do I set my Reseller brand domain?

Migrating Sites

You'll get full access to the 20i Migration Centre which has tools to move websites from cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Heart Internet, Fasthosts, Direct Admin and WordPress sites using SFTP/FTP. Our Support Team are on hand to help with any migration questions you might have. 

Need help getting set up?

Our expert Support Team are on hand to help whenever you need it. You can view our full Support Database for more helpful support articles, or contact our Support Team through your My20i account.