Is your hosting environmentally-friendly?

Richard Chambers
Published: 17 January 2022

Yes, we're committed to reducing our carbon footprint, both in our data centres and workplace.

We achieve this through efficient power systems, renewable energy, a modern hosting platform and green company policies. You can find full details at Green Hosting, and you check whether your website is hosted using green energy at the Green Web Foundation.

Our commitment to sustainable hosting.

All our data centres are powered with 100% renewable energy. Our data centres use the best technology for fast hosting performance and energy efficiency.

Our proprietary autoscaling technology, not only gives you the power of a true ‘elastic cloud’ to react to the demand of processing power, bandwidth and memory your website needs at any given time, it also scales down when the demand is lover and therefore reduces the energy consumption.

Not just green hosting – but a green company

Our efforts in being a sustainable business are not only applied to our hosting. Our office run on solar power. We run a paperless office, recycle waste and even our cleaning products are choose for the environmentally-friendliness.