How do I do a web hosting platform transfer?

Austin B.
Published: 3 January 2020Last updated: 14 November 2023

With 20i you can easily move your website(s) from one hosting platform to another using our Platform Transfer tool. 

For example, you may wish to move from Linux Web Hosting to WordPress Web Hosting to take advantage of the WP-optimised platform or to move your hosting package from our shared hosting platform to the Managed VPS or Cloud Server platforms. 

This tool can also be used to move your hosting packages between our UK or USA Data Centres. 

Head to the Platform Transfer tool under Migrations > Platform Transfer on the My20i Control Panel header menu. 

Platform transfer header.PNG

Select the package you want to transfer from the dropdown menu titled Package to Transfer.

Package to Transfer.PNG

Select the New Platform Type that you would like to move the hosting package to.

New Platform Type.PNG

You will then need to select the Data Centre that you would like the Hosting Package to be hosted from.


Note: If you have purchased the Additional Data Centre add-on then you will have the option to select either the UK-based or US-based Data Centre at this stage. If you have not purchased the add-on, you will only be able to select your default Data Centre location. 

Select the Hosting Package Type that you would like to assign to the hosting package once the platform transfer has completed from the drop-down menu. 

Hosting Package type.PNG

Select Begin Transfer.

You will now need to wait for the Platform Transfer tool to complete the transfer for you. The status of your Platform Transfer can be found under Current Platform Transfers further down the Platform Transfers page. 

Platform Transfer FAQs 

Will I need to update my DNS records after a Platform Transfer?  

When running a Platform Transfer between any of the shared hosting platforms (Linux, Windows and WordPress), the IP address of the hosting package will not change – so there will be no need to make any amendments to any of your domains' DNS records. 

However, when moving from a shared hosting platform to a Managed VPS or Cloud server, the hosting package’s IP address will need to be changed. 

If the domain that your hosting package uses is using our nameservers, the Platform Transfer tool will automatically update the DNS for you – however, if you are managing your DNS externally then you would need to ensure that the IP address on the A record is updated after the transfer is completed. 

The package’s new IP address can be found under Account Information on the Hosting Package Overview page. 

Why has my Platform Transfer failed?  

On occasions, a platform transfer may fail – this could happen for several reasons, however, it’s most likely to happen when transferring to the WordPress hosting platform, usually because the website does not currently meet the WordPress platform requirements

When moving a hosting package from a shared hosting platform to a Managed VPS or Cloud Server, you would need to ensure that the server has enough capacity to handle the hosting package that you are moving. For example, if moving to a Cloud server has 25GB of storage capacity then you won’t be able to transfer a package exceeding 25GB in size – attempting to do so would result in a platform transfer failure.