Can I use sudo on shared hosting?

Jordan Graves
Published: 15 April 2024Last updated: 6 May 2024

Sudo is a Linux command that allows a user to run commands as a 'super user', root

The use of the sudo command is not permitted on our shared hosting platform, and its use will result in an SSH access violation and your SSH access being suspended. 

This is noted in the welcome message when connecting to the shared services via an SSH connection...


If the sudo command is used the terminal should close immediately, killing the current session. Attempting to reconnect should result in the terminal closing without warning.

Sudo is not permitted to ensure the security and integrity of our shared hosting platform. 

How do I unblock SSH access after using sudo?

If your hosting package's SSH access has been blocked due to the use of sudo, please raise a support ticket with our Support Team to remove this block. 

What if I need to use sudo?

If you require the use of the sudo command, you will need a Self-managed VPS rather than shared hosting.