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Instant savings with the .UK Domain Saver tool

All Resellers can transfer any .CO.UK or .UK domain to 20i instantly, and for free. Save money on every renewal.

The .UK Domain Saver tool scans through your hosting packages and determines those that have domains held with a registrar that's charging you (or your customer) a higher renewal price. It's free to transfer any. or .uk domain to 20i and you don't need to pay a renewal until it's due, it's an effortless way to save money. Easily filter the list of savings by registrar and transfer domains in batches, or transfer domains individually, whichever suits you - you'll make savings on every single domain.

Click here to view the .UK Domain Saver tool

Head to the .UK Domain Saver tool in My20i to view a list of all the .UK domain names you can make instant savings on.

Transferring is Easy (and Free!) - No tech skills required.

  • Log in to your current registrar and update the Nominet IPS tags to STACK
  • Come back to the .UK Domain Saver and transfer the domains for free.

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