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How to transfer your domain from Bluehost to 20i

Here’s how to transfer your domain name from Bluehost to 20i to get better renewal prices and more features.

These instructions will show you how to make a transfer using Bluehost's Bluerock control panel. If you're using Bluehost's Legacy control panel, the process is virtually identical but the user interface will look different. You can find instructions for using the Legacy control panel on Bluehost's site.

Domains that are newer than 60 days old can't be transferred out. This is due to ICANN rules to prevent fraud. 

Bluehost are only able to transfer-out a limited number of domain names:  com, co, org, net, us, info, biz, cc, tv, ws, me. If your domain isn't in that list, then we recommend that you speak to their support team. If your domain is in the list, here's how to do it:


How to transfer a domain from Bluehost

  1. Log in to your Bluehost control panel
  2. Select Domains from navigation menu, then select the domain you wish to transfer
  3. You'll then need to unlock the domain so it can be transferred. On the dropdown menu under 'Manage', select Security. Find the Transfer Lock setting, and use the toggle switch to turn it off.
  4. In the same Security menu, scroll down and select Transfer Authorization / EPP Code. You'll be shown an email address where the EPP code will be sent. Click Send Code, and keep hold of the email you receive.
  5. Log in My20i, and select Transfer a Domain
  6. Enter the domain name and select Search
  7. Add the domain to your basket and complete checkout
  8. There's a £6.00/$12.00 transfer fee to move the domain but don't worry, for most TLDs you'll get an extra years renewal added to the renewal totally free of charge
  9. An email will be sent - usually instantly but can take up to 6 hours - to the e-mail address listed as the Admin Contact
  10. Follow the link in this e-mail and Approve the transfer by entering the authorisation code obtained earlier
  11. Once authorised the transfer will complete automatically within 5 days