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How do I clone a hosting package?

With your 20i Reseller Account, you can easily clone an entire package's contents from one domain over to another with no manual moving of files or the database.

Create a hosting package

  • Choose which package you'd like to clone.

Choose package

  • Once selected, create your hosting package as you normally would. Select or type the domain name, choose the Platform Type and assign any StackCP Users if required.
  • Then select Create Hosting Package.

Cloning a package can take up to 30 minutes.

If you access the package via Manage Hosting > Options > Manage, you'll see 'This package is being cloned, please wait…' if it's not yet complete. The time it takes to complete a clone will depend on the size of the site being cloned, the larger the site and its associated files and databases the longer the clone will take.