Can I run daemons on the shared hosting platform?

Chris Wright
Published: 23 March 2024Last updated: 25 March 2024

It's important to note that daemons such as Elastic Search and Redis cannot be run on our shared hosting environment due to it's shared nature, as well as certain technical limitations related to load balancing and autoscaling.

Why Daemons Cannot Run on Shared Hosting

  • A key selling point of our shared hosting platform is its load balancing and autoscaling features, which ensure high availability and optimal performance for all hosted websites.
  • These features are achieved by distributing incoming requests across multiple web servers and dynamically adjusting resources based on demand.
  • Running daemons such as Redis, Elasticsearch, or Node.js would require continuous running processes on a single server, which conflicts with the distributed nature of our hosting environment.

Alternative Solutions

For customers who require the functionality provided by these daemons, we offer Managed Cloud Servers as a separate product with dedicated resources.

Key Features of Cloud Servers:

  • Dedicated Resources: Cloud Servers provide dedicated resources, ensuring optimal performance and stability for applications.
  • My20i Control Panel: While customers do not have root access on Cloud Servers, our hosting control panel (My20i) allows for services such as Redis, Elasticsearch, and Node.js to be enabled and disabled conveniently.
  • Optimized Cloud Servers: We also offer optimized Cloud Servers tailored for specific applications such as WooCommerce and Magento. These servers come pre-configured for optimal performance and include support for daemons like Redis and Elasticsearch.

While daemons cannot be run on our shared hosting platform, customers can leverage our Cloud Server offerings to meet their requirements for running applications such as Redis, Elasticsearch, and Node.js. 

If you have any questions or require assistance in choosing the appropriate hosting option, please feel free to reach out to our support team.