What hosting do I need?

Richard Chambers
Published: 16 May 2019

It can be difficult to choose what type of web hosting you need.

There are lots of options, and it can be overwhelming to try to compare lots of different hosting packages. That's why created this Hosting Advice page for you. If you need further help to decide what hosting is best for you – our support team is just a click away.

Hosting advice: find the right web hosting for you

This guide will walk you through the different types of hosting package we offer across Shared Web Hosting, Managed Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS. Depending on your needs, there are different solutions.

What web hosting packages are available?

Reseller Hosting

This is how to make money from web hosting. You might want to start an independent web hosting business. Or perhaps you’d like to add a hosting strand to an existing venture like web design or IT support. If you need to host an unlimited number of sites, 20i’s Reseller Hosting is the best reseller package available.

You can sell the web hosting without having to mention 20i. You can customise your customers’ control panel and all URLs and messaging to match your brand. Or if you’d prefer, you can use our white-label ‘Stack’ brand name.

You can offer your customers a choice of packages, or tailor each package to every customer. With over 30 different features to add or remove from packages, you can offer lots of options and upgrade opportunities.

You can host any number of sites on our Linux or WordPress platforms.

It includes an automated Migration Centre that makes moving your sites to 20i a breeze. You can manage all your ecommerce, provisioning, support and communications with HostShop. As a 20i Reseller, you get access to helpful free resources and discounts on domains and VPS.

20i specialise in Reseller Hosting: our founders created the first reseller package. So you can feel confident in moving your hosting business to us.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Apply all the advantages of cloud hosting. Super-fast, multi-platform cloud hosting that lets you manage all your websites and apps easier than ever before.

Host your projects in the 20i Cloud, AWS or Google Cloud with tons of extras, full server optimisation and easy management.

If you ever have set up hosting on AWS Cloud Hosting or GCP servers you know this is a lot of work. With our managed cloud hosting all this trouble is yesterday’s news.

You can set up your project in just a few clicks, on 20iCloud, AWS or GCP. You don’t have to worry about server management, security configuration updates and monitoring: all this is done by us.

On top of this you get a lot of extras for free. Unlimited email accounts, SSL certificates, 24/7 expert support and managed backups are just a few of the features you get at no extra cost.

For e-commerce site running on Magento there are extra managed Magento optimised hosting plans available.

Managed WordPress Hosting:  

Experience the full power of our optimised WordPress platform on Managed Cloud Hosting.

This is perfect for WordPress power blogger, agencies and e-commerce sites with high traffic. You can choose between hosting unlimited WordPress websites in the 20iCloud, AWS or Google Cloud. No matter your choice, you get all our dedicated WordPress features at no extra cost.

These features include server-side website optimisation, and StackCache for WordPress caching. You can manage multiple WP websites conveniently from a single dashboard in your control panel - no need to log into every site separately. You also get a state-of-the-art WordPress staging solution that will create clones of your pages in a safe sandbox environment with just one click.

These are just a few of the features we offer that sets us apart from others. Have a look at all the features our Managed WordPress hosting offers you.


Our high performance SSD VPS allows you to run whatever you want. It’s the same as having your own dedicated server in a data centre, without the hassle of visiting that data centre! We maintain all the hardware.

We use the latest 12-core Intel Xeon processors in Dell servers, with blazing-fast DDR4 RAM and Samsung enterprise SSDs. You have the choice of 6 different sizes of VPS, from 1 core to 10 cores, with corresponding tiers of memory and storage. They’re suitable for many different uses: website hosting, file storage, development, gaming – it’s up to you.

When you order a 20i VPS, you’ll first need to choose performance specs. Then, you can choose which operating system, and which applications you’d like to be installed straight away.

You’ll then be shown a final price, including the cost for any commercial software licences, if you’ve chosen any. Then, in less than a minute, your 20i VPS will be up and ready for you to run. You can cancel or upgrade at any time.

Shared Web Hosting:

Perfect for small businesses and private blogs. Single site hosting starting from just £1 without compromising on quality or extra features. There are plans on a Linux platform or our optimised WordPress platform available.

Our shared hosting options offer all you need and more. You get 1,000 x 10 GB Mailboxes, Free SSL certificate, free daily backups, automatic malware scans, no LVE limits and free CDN use, just to name a few of the perks.

Like all our hosting it is green hosting powered by 100% renewable energy.  Learn more about our shared hosting plans.