How can I add and sell balance products in HostShop?

Dominic Elford
Published: 31 January 2022

In HostShop you can allow customers to add balance to their accounts with you. This balance can then be used to purchase products within HostShop.

Balance can be added in two ways:

  1. Via the affiliate system as commission. You can read more about the affiliate system here.
  2. By paying for balance as a product, which is what we will go through here.

To add balance as a product that users can purchase you need to go to Product CatalogueOther Products & Services > Balance.

Account balance as a product

Here you can add the amounts of balance you want your StackCP Users to be able to purchase. To do that you need to enter an Amount, click Add Balance Product and then click Save on the created product. In our example we're adding a product for £10 of balance.

Balance as £10 increments

Once you have Balance products set up in your HostShop your StackCP Users will be able to buy them. To do this, they need to go to their account, access the dropdown menu in the top right under their name and select Account Credit.

StackCP User menu

This will then take them to their Account Credit page where they can add credit in any amounts you have set and see their Current Balance.

Account credit page