How do I add and sell VPS services?

Dominic Elford
Published: 29 January 2022

With HostShop your product lineup isn’t just limited to hosting and domains. You can also resell virtual private servers (VPS) with your 20i reseller discount.

To set these up, you’ll need to:

In the VPS Services section you’ll be able to select the dropdown menu and add one of the 5 pre-defined VPS Services. The list of specs for each VPS can be found in the table below:

VPS variants

In our example we’ll be adding the 1 GB VPS. We’ve selected the 1 GB VPS and hit Add VPS.

We now can add a price and other renewal periods. A default price of £9.99 has been added which we’re going to leave in place. This gives us a markup of £2.50 per month on top of the 20i reseller price of the VPS which is £7.49.

Adding VPS services as a product in HostShop

We can now set another renewal period by using the dropdown menu.

We’re going to add an annual plan to this VPS product. To do this, click on the blue plus and select Annually from the Select Period dropdown. A recommended price has been pre-filled giving further markup on the annual price.

When now heading to the VPS section of our customers' control panel, we can now order a 1GB VPS on a monthly or annual renewal period.

Business tips

If you need advice about how to sell VPS to your customers, please see our VPS Product Guide or this blog post: How to sell Virtual Private Servers. It covers how to explain what a VPS is, customer myths, marketing and sales tips.