How do I get support from 20i?

Jordan Graves
Published: 8 September 2016Last updated: 21 March 2024

20i have a friendly support team based at our Nottinghamshire HQ:

Hawthorn House

They can help you with any technical issues you may encounter. They also have direct access to our management and development team.

They're available day and night, every day of the year: 24x7x365.

If you're unsure about what products you require from 20i, you can contact us via a sales enquiry

You can check the status of our systems at Stack Status.

There are a few channels of technical support:

1. Support Tickets - If you have any queries or questions you can raise a support ticket and our support team will work with you to solve your issue.

From your 20i dashboard, please navigate to the Support tab in the top right corner. 

Once the drop-down information appears, please select the Create Support Ticket option. Once you have opened a support ticket, you can click the View Tickets to view closed and on-going support tickets.


Upon clicking the create support ticket menu, you will be prompted to the customer services section. Here we have a comprehensive support database filled with useful support articles that may help resolve your issue.


If none of the support articles are of any use, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to raise a support ticket or support chat.


Here, you can select your topic of the support ticket you would like to raise and select a relevant service (if applicable). 

Our platform will then run some auto-diagnostics, these can identify any issues prior to raising the support ticket and will notify you of any warnings or identified issues. 


One you have selected the Support Ticket method, please fill in the ticket subject and description of the problem or query you would like addressing. Once you are satisfied with the above, select the Create Ticket button.

Note: Please provide our support team with as much information as possible, as this will allow our support team to deliver a more accurate response to help you quicker.

2. Live Chat - You can also start a live chat with a member of the support team and receive one-to-one support. Our experts are happy to help with any problem you have and work with you to resolve any issues.

Similarly to how you would raise a support ticket, a chat can be raised by following the first few steps: navigating to the Support tab in the control panel and then selecting the Create Support Ticket option from the drop-down. 


Select the live chat option and a live chat pop-up window should appear. Please fill in the chat subject and description with as much detail as possible regarding your problem or query.


Once actioned, start the chat and you will be in contact with a member of our technical support team.


3. Support Database - Our Support Database (here!) compiles all previous customer questions into one area. It's likely that you can find the answer you're looking for here.