How does my customer log in to the StackCP control panel?

Lloyd Cobb
Published: 21 June 2017Last updated: 21 March 2024

If you're a 20i Reseller, you can give your customers access to their hosting packages using the white-label login at StackCP is your customer's premium web hosting control panel, designed as a superior alternative to the industry-standard 'cPanel', ensuring an intuitive and efficient management experience.

You can set your own control panel URL from the Reseller Customisation section of My20i. You can modify the look and feel of your customers' control panel in the StackCP Theme section under Reseller Preferences.

Creating a StackCP User

1. Visit the StackCP Users area under Reseller Preferences
2. Click Add a StackCP User in the top right
3. Enter your customers details and select Add Stack User
4. You'll be directed back to the StackCP overview page, and a random password will be shown. You can use this or change the password as desired.
5. Under "Options" click Edit
6. Around half way down the page, you will see a section titled Package Access
7. Select the packages you wish this user to have access-to
8. Remember to save your access changes by choosing Save Permissions

Your customer can now log in to their StackCP control panel and will have access to the packages you have specified. The features, or icons visible to them inside StackCP will depend on the limits configured on your hosting package. You can control these via your Package Types.

Using FTP Login Details

For compatibility reasons, we create a StackCP user for each of your hosting packages that allows logins to the control panel using the websites FTP details. However, this access is limited as features like Recover Password and multi-package access are not available using this style of login.