What happens if I exceed my US Reseller Hosting Tier limits?

Chris Wright
Published: 21 April 2023

Our US Reseller Hosting is available in three different tiers - Reseller 25, Reseller 100 or Reseller Unlimited. Reseller 25 and Reseller 100 are subject to usage limits.

We reommend to compare all features and the pricing for our reseller hosting plans before getting started. If your requirements change you can upgrade or downgrade your plan to meet your  hosting business needs.

What happens if I exceed my Disk Space limits?

Reseller 25 has a disk space limit of 30GB, and Reseller 100 has 150GB capacity. Reseller Unlimited remains truly Unlimited.

If you go over your account's allocated disk space usage, you'll receive a daily warning email for 6 days that prompt you to either upgrade or reduce the amount of disk space being used. If the account is still over quota on the 7th day, then the account will be restricted. You'll then need to upgrade or contact support for further help. If you can reduce disk space to under your account quota you won't get any further emails and your account will be unrestricted.

What happens if I need more mailboxes?

The Reseller 25 tier has a limit of 50 email accounts - once the limit is met, it will not be possible to provision another mailbox until either an existing mailbox is removed, or the Reseller Hosting account is upgraded to the next tier.

Reseller 100 includes 500 email accounts and Reseller Unlimited includes unlimited mailboxes.

All mailboxes included in out plans have a 10GB storage. If you or any of your web hosting customers need more storage, you can order more storage at any time.

Are there any limits on the number of StackCP users?

There are no limits on the number of StackCP users that can be created on any of the Reseller Hosting plans.

Is it possible to oversell my tier limits?

Yes, overselling is possible. A StackCP User can be allowed to add unlimited disk space, an upgrade would be required by the Reseller if their total disk space, emails accounts, or number of accounts is hit.