How do I use the 20i Maintenance Mode tool?

Austin Beresford
Published: 17 June 2021

When developing a site you may want to put up a maintenance page. You can use the 20i Maintenance Mode tool to do that. The maintenance page can be bypassed using a password, so only selected users can view the progress of the website's development. The tool is accessed directly from your My20i account.

To use the tool: 

  1. Head to Manage Hosting > Options > Manage
  2. Select Maintenance Mode
Maintenance mode in My20i


Here you'll have two options: Configure (all domains) & Configure. If you want to set up Maintenance Mode for individual domains on the package, select Configure next to the domain in question. Choose Configure (all domains) to put all domains on the package behind a maintenance page.

To configure the maintenance page:

  1. Select Configure and check Enable Maintenance Mode
  2. You'll need to set a password to allow selected users to authenticate and bypass the maintenance page
  3. We'll set a default theme for your maintenance page, but you can configure your own by selecting Customise Page Templates
  4. Once done, select Save

Your selected domains will now be behind a maintenance page and visitors will be prompted for a password to view the site.